Vintage Sydney – Grandma Takes a Trip

Having just spent the last few days of my holiday in Sydney, I think I fell hard for the place. There’s such a vibrant buzz and energy – a complete melting pot of cultures and ideas. We stayed in Chinatown and I have to just make a little mention of the food. Too good. I literally ate my way through the CBD.

But, obviously, one of the things that I always do whenever I’m exploring a new place is hunt out the vintage shops. And Sydney certainly has its share. I have to say that not all were amazing, but there’s lots of choice and no matter what your particular interest (for me 1960s, 1970s), you’ll find a shop that caters to your taste. Newtown and Surry Hills seemed particularly good for the 90s/new wave vintage if that’s your thing. However, my absolute favourite shop was Grandma Takes a Trip on Crown Street (I’m assuming inspired by the iconic 60s label Granny Takes a Trip). If you love ‘classic’ vintage then this is the place to visit. With a complete range of clothing and accessories from the 1920s-1970s it was a real treat. They certainly had the best selection of 1940s and 1950s dresses that I found whilst in the city – not cheap but not extortionate, especially if you are looking for something a bit special and of excellent quality.

Browsing the rails made me super nostalgic for the brick and mortar shop that I sold before moving to New Zealand *sigh*. Despite the hard work and stress, having your own little stake in the hight street is such a joy. Maybe one day Auckland… in the meantime, if you are in Sydney, do check out Grandma Takes a Trip (and also the food, like, everywhere!).

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