Mad Men returns

Mad Men Season 7 (the FINAL season, eek!) premiers in the US next month, and AMC have just released these promo portraits of the cast. Although they haven’t confirmed in which year that the series will be set, we know it will be the late sixties and I just love how we can see the fashions segueing into the seventies in these shots. The yellow and orange tones of the backdrop, a bit of psychedelia, synthetic fabrics, a suggestion of a flare – it will be fascinating to see how the cast are dressed according to this iconic period. And I’m holding out for some show-stopping pieces from Megan who we can always rely on to embrace the boldest looks of an era. And that Zou Bisou dress deserves one final appearance before we say a sad farewell to Mad Men forever.

For more pictures, you can see the full shoot here.

(Images: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)


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